Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Quick Update, Month #5

School is pretty much all I've been doing lately! My teachers still have very high expectations (too high in my opinion. I had to write a 20-40 line poem in French and it took me 3 1/2 hours because it had to rhyme...) but I'm trying to work through it.

It's been ridiculously cold lately, and my heart aches for Californian winters. It was -10ºC when I got into the car the other day (14ºF) which is just ridiculous. But it's been snowing!!!! This is the first time I've ever had to go school in the snow, and it has been both good and bad. Good because walking on snow is more satisfying than walking on crunchy leaves, bad because I slipped walking up the stairs, and now I have a fat bruise on my knee.

snow day selfies 

Tomorrow I'm going on my retreat with my grade from Wednesday-Friday. I hope it's going to be fun! I already know it's going to be cold so I've been staring at all my clothes deciding what I should pack. I'll update you about the retreat when I come back.

My host sister and I might try to make sushi, and my host mom and I want to have a dinner party for Chinese New Year, so I've been emailing my mom back and forth to get some recipes from her! Apart from that, I have my Mid Stay Orientation on the 2nd and 3rd, as well as my mini camp for Scouts that same weekend. I hope I can try to go to both, but I doubt it. After that, I have a little bit of school and then another vacation!

I miss California and everything/everyone in it so much! But my French is improving so much, and no matter how much I miss everyone, Belgium has always been my dream and I love it here so much. My time is almost halfway gone here, and I don't know how I'm going to leave this life behind!

Bonne semaine et à bientôt!


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  1. Here's a good sushi rice recipe . (Ignore the rice cooker bits, you can cook your rice in a pan as well. 1-1 water to washed sushi rice , cook at very low heat , covered.)

    A lot of people don't know rice for making sushi has vinegar , salt and sugar in it !


    An address for fresh wasabi is :
    Someone told me earlier this week on expat blog they sold the stuff , including shiso leaves.
    There's another shop of the same name Overijse , but that would be a bit far since you are on exchange in Walloia. Brussels is a bit far as well too I suppose , but you never know , maybe there's a family member that needs to go there this week.

    I also have a site for powdered wasabi online , (also actual wasabia japonica , not horseradish with mustard )

    Well , it all depends how authentic you want to get ... Hope this helped a bit.

    Good luck with your cooking !