Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bruges v3 and Back to School Blues

Hi everyone!

A couple days before winter break ended I went to Bruges with a few other exchange students. It was a lot of fun but typical Belgian weather. The best part was seeing swans super up close! Way closer than before. I forgot my camera but I had my iPhone with me so I'll share some pictures from there.

Panorama of an old church

I'm officially back in school. I have the same schedule as before, only now it's much harder because the teachers suddenly expect me to do just about everything the other students do, as if I would have suddenly become fluent over break. It's incredibly frustrating, especially because I'm trying my hardest. In my opinion, I'm trying harder than all the other students, because it's in their natural language. I feel as if I never get allowed a break. Oh well, I'll stop complaining now.

Friday I'm having a few people over at my house, and in a few weeks I'm going to a "retreat" with my grade. For now though, it's just school and scouts (exciting, right??). I hope you guys had a great return to school/work!

À plus tard!


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