Thursday, November 1, 2012

Two Months, Brussels, and Halloween!

Hi everyone. Sorry it's been so long since I've written, but really there hasn't been much going on besides school.

My kidney stone passed (without any pain, lucky me) and I've been on vacances de toussaint for the past few days. I tried catching up on sleep for the past few days, because I've been so exhausted. Last weekend my host family and I had lunch with my host aunt, uncle, and cousin. We talked about Thanksgiving and are finalizing the plans for that.

Yesterday I went to Brussels with Cameron. We first went to the Magritte Museum. He's a famous surrealist painter who is well known for painting the man in a suit and bowler hat with an apple covering his face, as well as a pipe and the phrase "ceci n'est pas une pipe", or "this is not a pipe".

After, we went to Manneken Pis (he wasn't costumed this time) and took a touristy picture with Cameron's host brother. We also got waffles, and I got one with nutella on it and it was amazing.

We walked over to Grand Place and took pictures and just stood there for a while, admiring the beauty. I can't describe how amazing it feels to be there. To have looked at pictures of Grand Place for three years, to imagine what it'd be like to visit one day, and to finally be there.... it's incredible.

I've been here for two months now, and it's a little unreal. I can't believe my experience is going by so quickly. It's the best decision I've ever made, and as much as I miss home, I absolutely love it here. It's getting colder though, which is really making me miss Californian weather.

Tomorrow I'm going to Bruges with a few exchange students. Then on Saturday we're all meeting up in Namur (my wallet is grateful I don't have to travel far) and on Sunday AFS has an activity planned for us at a museum of sound and a cave. I have a busy weekend ahead, so I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures!


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