Saturday, November 3, 2012

In Bruges

Yesterday I went to Bruges with Cameron and Callie. I met up with Cameron in Namur and took the train to Brussels, where we met Callie. 

It was raining all day, but Bruges is a beautiful city. 

They had horse drawn carriage rides throughout the city.

After walking around for a while, we went and saw the swans. They were beautiful (and huge!!!). 

Then we went to the main square and ate at Quick and admired the architecture. 

With nothing else to do, we walked through a pretty park and then back to the square for a few beers. We ran into an Italian, Antonio, and hung out with him for a while until we had to go.

On our way back, we ended up forgetting how we got to the big square, so we took a few wrong turns. It was raining pretty heavily, and we were running out of time. We decided to do a little bit of light jogging to catch the train, but we got stuck waiting to be able to cross a street and ended up missing our train by thirty seconds. We ran all that way for nothing. 

Today I went to Namur (thankfully I live close so I didn't have to use my GoPass) and met up with a lot of other exchange students. We went to ChiChi's for some Tex Mex and then went to Havana for a few drinks. It was a good day, and much better weather than yesterday. Tomorrow I have an AFS activity in Dinant, so I'll update you soon!


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