Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Now that I've caught up a little bit on sleep, here's some pictures of Namur from last Sunday!

Our first stop of the Grandes Figures de Wallonie was "Le Palais Provincial", where all the governors meet and make decisions. It was beautiful.

The inside was even more beautiful than the outside. I wish our state capital looked like this on the inside!

Next, we stopped at a beautiful church, Eglise Saint-Loup.

Again, the outside was very beautiful, but it was the inside that shocked me the most! So much detail, so much beauty... I'm guessing I'm going to be saying that a lot in this country!

After, we made our way towards the next stop on our list. On the way, I couldn't help noticing how beautiful Namur is. Les Fêtes de Wallonie is starting (TOMORROW!!!) so there's a lot of banners up for it to decorate the city.

I can't tell you enough how much I love this beautiful city. It has its setbacks and fair share of annoying things, but I still love it. It reminds me of Sacramento so much, because Namur also has two rivers. And for any of you who are wondering (it's probably just me) there are SWANS in these rivers!!!!!! I haven't gotten a picture of one yet because I'm kind of waiting to go to Bruges to get a picture of them, but it makes me love Europe even more. I've never seen swans before in person.... they're huge but so graceful. Speaking of swans, I might go see Swan Lake in Brussels if I can find someone else to go with me. But I digress, here's some more pictures!

Our next stop was Le Parlement Wallon. This is where they make the big decisions, because Namur is the capital of Wallonia, and where they welcome politicians from other countries. It used to be an old hospital, but they renovated it and added glass to protect people from the rain and give it a "modern" look... at least, that's what the employee talking about the building said.

We got to go inside, and I got to see the place where they have conferences and meetings. The rooster on the wall is the symbol of Wallonia.

After touring the parliament building, we went back home. On the way back to our car, I saw another beautiful church.

Monday night, I had dinner at Le Royal in Namur after French lessons. I had Spaghetti Bolognese (which is regular Spaghetti for you Americans reading this). I also spotted a 5 liter bottle of whiskey and an even larger beer glass, and it made me think of the DeWees family and my dad, because I knew they would DEFINITELY notice that too, and probably go up and take a picture of it! So I did it for them :)

Anyway, that's all I've got. As I said earlier, fêtes de wallonie starts up tomorrow, but I'm not going because I have school the next day. However, I AM going on Friday with some friends I made at school, and I will probably go Saturday too because a Rotary Exchange Student from the US said it was her birthday, and we've never met in person before! I'm hoping other AFS exchange students will be there Saturday too. I know the AFS Namur chapter is planning to meet up, but it's not an official event so I don't know how many people will be there or when!

I'll update you with more pictures and tell you all about this grand festival that is leaving Namur abuzz!


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