Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Busy Weekend

Hello everyone. As you can tell from the title, I've had a busy weekend so far. I've actually had a very busy week, but I only have pictures from the weekend so I won't waste your time.

On Friday in Socio, our class started making a huge sign for our school to educate and motivate them about social movements. When we were first brainstorming, I thought it'd turn out terribly. It has actually turned out really well so far, but we are going to add the words "BOUGEZ-VOUS!" which basically means "move" or "get moving". Here's a picture of all of our class (except our wonderful teacher) and preview of our sign.

After school, I went home with Kaari. We went on a long walk through Dhuy and saw many beautiful things, including a large estate surrounded by a lake and a tunnel of trees.

We also watched movies about Paris and made banana pancakes for breakfast. I ended up putting nutella on mine because, duh, bananas and nutella are awesome together.

I'm so creative, I know

We had the idea that we'd go to Bruges the next day. I know many people back home (and by home I mean CA, I know NY is still pretty cold) are enjoying mid 70º weather, but we have plunged back into winter. It was very cold and it was even snowing, so we all decided to go to Namur. Kaari and I met up with Claire, Emma, Madeleine, and Skyler, and we also ran into some other exchange students occasionally.

We did some shopping and we ate at Exki because we wanted soup. After that, we all headed to the train station to part ways. When we were walking to the station, we ran into two missionaries, one from France and one from Utah. It's weird to think that some people get placed in the same region I'm living in, right around the same time I know people from high school who are getting ready to leave or have already left on their missions.

That's all I have for now! After this week I'm on vacation, so I will update you when anything happens.


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