Thursday, June 27, 2013

End of the year parties

Okay I think I've put off writing long enough....

On Monday I went to Brussels with Caleb. We (I should say I) bought souvenirs and walked around the city doing some shopping. After that we went into ChiChi's for some margaritas and chips and salsa. I really miss good Mexican food.  A couple days later, we did the same, but with Madeleine and Skyler and an XXL margarita. We're shameless.

A couple days after that (sorry, everything is starting to blend together so I don't know exactly how many days are in between things) I went to a party at my friend Marine's house. We played drinking games and had a BBQ before we were all to find out whether or not we passed. Everyone was incredibly stressed out, some were even crying. I was not (for obvious reasons). Mostly everyone passed. Only eleven have to take exams over again in August, and four have to redo the entire year over again.

I had to chug an entire (really disgusting) beer because of the game we were playing (I didn't lose or anything, I just had really bad luck)

After that, I went to a party at my friend Maxime's house. Everyone had to call me "Nicole Nicole" or else they'd have to take a drink. We stayed up allllll night (which looking back now, it wasn't very smart of me to do that) and it was a lot of fun. I took the bus at 7am and I got home at 8. I slept for three hours and then Keaton woke me up and I had to go meet him in Namur so we could go to Kaari's. Kaari and I got ready and then we all headed to the ball at the Château Vivier L'Agneau. It was so much fun! I saw all of my friends there and I had a great time. I was deadddd tired by the last hour though, so I sat it out and talked with some other friends, which is okay because the music got worse and worse. After that we headed back to Kaari's and went to sleep.

My principal lol 

On Tuesday, I went to the proclamation. It was the last time all of the rhétos would be together, which was really weird. I saw all of my friends go up and get their diplomas, and then my principal decided to embarrass me by talking about the exchange students at the school, and he made us go up too in front of everyone. After that, we all had to walk out and say goodbye, but I absolutely hate goodbyes and just couldn't do it so I left earlier.

The next day I was supposed to go kayaking, but AFS Namur cancelled the activity because of the weather, though it didn't rain that day. Oh well, maybe later on in life. Now I'm just waiting for the orientation this weekend, our final one. Mostly everyone should be there and it'll be great to see everyone again. After that, I'll have only four days left until I have to get on a plane back home. But worst of all, I'll have to start packing (ugh). I'll update after the orientation if I can.

À tantôt,


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