Tuesday, October 9, 2012

AFS Adventures in Antwerp

So much has happened since I've last written, and that's partly the reason why it's taken a week to get some free time to write.

Last Friday, I went to the FIFF with Skyler. She had an extra pass and it was the last day, so after walking all over Namur in the rain, we found a movie we could watch. It was really confusing. It's called Dans la Maison, and from what I understood, it was about a student who wrote about his friend with a perfect family. It started off as a writing prompt assigned by the teacher, and the student wrote it exceptionally well. As the student continued the story, the teacher reads about his attempts to seduce his friend's mother (he succeeds) and the teacher gets more enthralled with the story. It has a lot of different sequences that are imaginary, so it was probably confusing even for a born francophone. It was a good movie though.

Saturday the committee of Namur had their welcome party. I made cookies.... out of a box. I went to the store but I couldn't find any unsalted butter - I looked for about fifteen minutes, it was very awkward - added some nutella to make them taste sweeter. (Speaking of grocery stores, I've noticed some really weird flavors of chips here. For example: Paprika, bolognese, pickles, ketchup, etc.) I didn't try the cookies, but everyone said they were good and they were all gone. Someone from Mexico made guacamole and it was amazing. There were also spring rolls made by a girl from Thailand that were great too.

Skyler spent that night at my house, which was convenient because we were invited on a whim to go to Antwerp the next day. We left for the train station at 8:30 but ended up leaving at 9:20 because Cameron couldn't get to the bus stop on time. Long story short, he had to go through a forest, cross a creek, a manure filled cow field, two barbed wire fences, and a busy highway all while it was foggy. But he ended up missing his bus anyway, so we waited for him to show up. We met up with Caleb in Brussels when we switched trains (and got Starbucks.... what can I say, we're American) and then we were on our way!

Antwerp is really beautiful. Even the train station is gorgeous.

After we arrived, we met up with some of the Latin American exchange students and went to a few museums. First was a chocolate museum.

Then we went to Rubenshuis ("Ruben's house" in Dutch), which is the museum of famous painter Peter Paul Rubens

After, we went to Grote Markt for some sightseeing.

After, we went to the river and then went for some drinks. 

It was a long day of walking, so Caleb, Cameron, and I left a little earlier than others. After a nap on the way to Brussels, Cameron and I were finally on our way home. 

It was a great weekend. I was really tired on Monday but it was so worth it! I'm starting to understand more in school and during conversations, which is great. Now when I pause during a conversation, it's mostly not because I don't understand, but because I don't know how to respond. I'm also forgetting some English words (I forgot how to say assertive) and sometimes I'll read something or type something using different pronunciation. For example, the other day I was typing and while trying to write "look", I wrote "luck" instead. I don't know where that came from...... 

Anyway, that's a "quick" recap of my week. Today marks one month until I turn eighteen. I can't wait. 

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