Tuesday, April 3, 2012


My AFS advisor (also named Nicole) called to congratulate me on getting accepted to AFS Belgium, so sweet!
She commented on how fast acceptance was, which goes to show my “wait time” was no time at all. Also, she asked about my boyfriend, Jack, and what our plans were now that I’ve been accepted. We’re one of those weird couples who planned to break up, but she just wanted to make sure I was thinking about it if I haven’t already, and maybe it might affect where I’m placed. I’m sure it’d make me more difficult to place if I was constantly worrying about a boyfriend and his social life 5,000 miles away, I wouldn’t want to put him or my host family through that!
Anyway, I’m just waiting and waiting (although I really haven’t been waiting very long at all and am just spoiled by how quickly AFS Belgium accepted me) for a host family to accept me. Maybe I’m antsy because it’s spring break, but either way, all I can think of is La Belgique!

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